Let’s Do This For Real This Time

MmmKay? Yes let’s. The boys are in school, walking on their own. Peeing by themselves- oh HAPPINESS- can pee by myself!! They even make their own peanut butter sandwiches and occasionally pour a juice. So it’s time for (another) serious go at being an artist. Things still seem to be manifesting in the form of jewelry. I am OK with that. Finally. It’s always been about rocks actually.  My earliest recollection of appreciating earth stones was when I was six. We went to Mackinaw Island, and for my souvenir, I chose a small mounted collection of rocks. My favorite was the sulphur. It was such a pretty shade of yellow. My second favorite was the rose quartz. Now days I totally dig turquoise. And chrysoprase. And jaspers. And pearls. I love the combinations. The juxtapositions of earthy and elegant.  So spiritual. I am inspired by ancient and ethnographic design. By the wonderful textures and wabi sabi edges. By the incorporation of found and natural elements and the beauty of ingenuity. Yes. Let’s definitely do this!

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