Today’s First Offering

F6EACC99-91DF-4BF9-A7F8-5D3E90B65C10Have I mentioned it takes me forever!?! So I have this goal to create one piece every day. Just one. And yet at the beginning of this month I am now three days behind. It’s the artist brain in me. I can’t remember if that is the right or left side. There is always mental noise and the constant nagging of what needs to be done. Typically dishes and laundry. Oh the laundry. And grocery shopping. Here is the one piece for the month I did get done.  And oh I do love them! I carved out “rocks” from polymer clay. (Carving is very enjoyable). Usually I will incorporate a cross to acknowledge Christ in my work. In this case, following Easter, the empty tomb served as inspiration. So I dug out my carvers and dug into some beads. The cones are cast resin by Amy Cornett and the coral and silver lampworked beads are by Beth Mellor.

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